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  • High performance heating elements
    UNOX electric ovens use special high-intensity resistance that rapidly produce heat from the very first moment of activation. Performances that you will immediately notice: 20°C - 260°C in just 300 seconds and cooking chamber steam saturation in a few seconds (PLUS models).
  • Stainless. Like you.
    UNOX ovens use 304 stainless steel with Bright Annealing treatment which makes the surface perfectly smooth and thus improves both the air flow speed and the cleaning results.
  • Reversing fans
    High flow fans distribute the air on each pan in a powerful and uniform way. Their anti-bypass front ring further increases the flow and thus allows even faster and more effective cooking.
  • Anti tip tray supports
    The lateral supports of UNOX CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens are designed to prevent the pan from overturning during its extraction. And not only that: the holes in the upper part allow the automatic washing to have maximum effectiveness and reach points in which otherwise dirtiness is harder to be removed. Details that make a huge difference.
  • Extra-thin Sous Vide core probe
    UNOX ovens are the most efficient machine to manage your sous-vide cooking: they are dramatically more efficient that a hot water bath. And for the most demanding side of you, the optional Sous Vide core probe detects with precision when the cooking is finished and stops the oven to prevent any costly mistake.
  • Forced flow chimney
    The large-diameter direct-ejection chimney positioned at the point of maximum pressure of the cooking chamber allows to obtain more intense searing and browning than traditional fume exhaust systems.
  • Door locking positions from 60° to 180°
    3 safety positions keep the work area easily unobstructed during the loading and unloading of pans operations.
  • Drip tray
    When the door is opened after a cooking process using steam or moisture, drops accumulated on the door may fall downwards. No problem with your UNOX oven: a collection system keeps your floor dry and safe without you having to worry about it.
  • Door-integrated LED light
    High luminescence and efficiency LED lights illuminate in a uniform way each pan, from the top to the bottom one. Unlike halogen bulbs, their white light does not alter the colors of food, so you always have everything under control. At a glance.
  • Double glass
    The inner glass in contact with the cooking chamber is treated with a special low-emissivity coating that reflects the heat towards the food. The air-cut door keeps the outside glass at safe temperature.
  • Double lip gasket
    The innovative double lip seal is designed to remain elastic over time and guarantee an airtight seal even after hundreds of hours of work in the most critical conditions.

CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS is the intelligent combi oven that grills, fries, roasts, browns, smokes, cooks with steam and much more. Automatic cooking cycles and smart functions, including Artificial Intelligence, make CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS the ideal partner for your kitchen, providing concrete support to your work. CHEFTOPMIND.Maps™ PLUS is designed to meet every need of your business and enable you to improve your kitchen processes.

MIND.Maps™ PLUS combi ovens are available in three versions, to meet the specific needs of each business.

Technical Info

Model No:
Power supply:
750 mm
Commercial name:
7 GN 1/1 PLUS
400V 3N~
773 mm
Type of control:
50 / 60 Hz
843 mm
67 mm
Electric power:11,7 kW Weight:
85 kg

Unox Intelligent Feature

Improve yourperformances
Achieving identical results for each load requires control, intelligence and expertise: exactly what CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS combi oven is made for.

Perfect results. Every time.
By registering changes in humidity and temperature, CHEFTOP MIND.Maps ™ PLUS combi oven automatically adjusts the cooking process to the actual food-load to deliver an identical and perfect result every time

Total humidity control.
The oven features accurate sensors to measure the actual humidity inside the cooking chamber and automatically activates steam production or evacuation to ensure that actual humidity always matches the set one

Intelligent preheating.
Combining the analysis of previous cooking processes with the requirements of the next one, the oven automatically sets the best temperature and preheating time to guarantee maximum repeatability of results throughout the day, therefore reducing waiting time.

Gentle cooking function.
When activated, the oven automatically regulates the rise in temperature to make it gentler and guarantee an optimal heat distribution on each pan in the oven. The best for delicate and heat-sensitive foods.

Intelligent cleaning.
By estimating the degree of dirtiness, based on the type of cooking recognised by the oven, it suggests the best automatic cleaning mode according to the actual use of the oven. Maximum 14 hygiene and zero waste of water and detergent

Unox Intensive Cooking

Maximum cooking intensity
Perfect cooking, uniformity on each tray, saturated and dense steam or complete extraction of humidity, intense or gentle air flows.

Humidity gives way to flavour.
Effectively removes humidity from the cooking chamber to give your preparations perfect consistency, colour and crunchiness every time.

The power of steam is in your hands.
Generates saturated steam from 35 °C and delivers high steaming performance combined with energy and water savings.

Conducts, unites, transforms.
Uses multiple high flow reversing fans to deliver uniform results and short cooking times. 4 speeds of the fan allow to perform any kind of cooking.

Power and efficiency.
Quick temperature rise, high-precision temperature control, ENERGY STAR certified efficiency at the top of the category in combi, dry air and steam modes.

Even more steam when you need it.
Increases steam temperature and its saturation to effectively allow you to further reduce steaming time and its intensity.


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