LESTOV Double Basket Commercial Deep Fryer - QXZLII
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  • 95% energy efficiency by induction heating brings fast cooking for the output of fried food and short recovery time. The knob switch corresponds to 9 levels of firepower controls, which can meet the different requirements for frying heat from low to high.
  • Omron thermostat control allows you to adjust the up-limited temperature for frying. When the temperature approaches the preset-value, the heating speed will become slower to prevent the oil temperature exceeded.
  • A stainless steel drain valve with tap makes oil-cleaning easy. A circular hole is in the corner of the frying area, which is directly connected to the drain valve, allowing the oil to drain out, increasing the convenience of use.
  • When buying, deep-fry baskets are the free accessory. They feature a one-piece, non-welding process and have coated handles and front hooks that can hold up 2.5kg of food hanger-on. You can choose two standard sizes or one full-size fried baskets for this fryer for the intended use or large quantities of food.
  • The stainless steel hanger is designed to hang the fryer baskets when you have finished frying operations, aiming to reduce the amount of grease attached to the food and increase your time to focus on other tasks.
  • The design at the bottom of the fryer has some move-up elements, such as a fryer screen. It can speed up the process and allow for quicker, more thorough cleaning. Since it can catch loose sediment, they prevent those crumbs from accumulating around the heating elements and collect blockages to make filtering easy.
  • Special options allow you to customize side-by-side double fryer tanks so you can cook two types of food at once transferring flavor between them. It means that you need to customize a larger size fryer to expand the cooking output for a variety of fried food options.

If you are looking for a countertop deep fat fryer, this model can suit your cooking style. It is our 13.5 Litre deep fat fryer with practical draining taps, perfect for cafes bar, food truck, traveling food stalls and fast food restaurant. It’s compact, efficient and easy to clean-so you can offer a large range of fried goodies.

Great for cooking staples like French fries, chicken, and other high-demand foods and main courses. This freestanding commercial deep fryer machine provides the heavy-duty power to constant use.

Technical Info

Power Option:
12kW / 50-60Hz
Power supply:
380V / 3Phase
450 mm
Protection Grade:
Voltage Fluctuation:
340 V - 464 V
800 mm
Working Environment:
Humidity 30% - 90%
Power Controller:
Knob Switch
800 mm
Working Temperature:
-5°C ~ 40°C
Product Material:
Stainless Steel 304
120 kg
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