NEWWAY Gas Noodle / Pasta Cooker with Autolifting - NWPC-A
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  • Gas operated noodle cooker with Standby pilot, piezo ignition and flame failure safety device, provide outstanding boiling power, perfect for heavy usage.
  • Quick water temperature recovery time for continuous operation.
  • Clip-on design for the autolifter, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Digital timer and individual lifter, user-friendly, hands-free, maintain food quality.
  • Hold noodle baskets simultaneously, covering the maximun capacity that one operator can serve, the autolifter saves manpower for a consistent and standardized result.
  • 304 Stainless steel tank. Hygiene, food safety and resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Water capacity: 25 Liter for NWPC40-A. 13 Liter for NWPC20-A.
  • Overflow system at rear to maintain adequate water levels and remove starch from noodle due to long time cooking.
  • Casters at the back and adjustable bullet feet in front for easy relocation.
  • Product origin China.

A simple clip-on design has transformed the most traditional noodle cooker into a brand-new product. Adhering to the concept of easy to use, the Autolifting Gas Noodle Cooker designed with individual digital timers and continue to provide outstanding power from the gas burner; the half-size autolifting noodle cooker is also an ideal space saver for kitchen which has space restriction but still requires a powerful tool. Other features including overflow system that automatically removes excess starch and helps purify water which proves the product is deal for all day operation.

Technical Info

  • Model No.
  • Description
  • Dimension (W x D x H)
  • NWPC40-A (25 Litre)
  • Gas Noodle Cooker with Autolifting
  • 550mm x 800mm x 910mm
  • NWPC20-A (13 Litre)
  • Half-size Gas Noodle Cooker with Autolifting
  • 300mm x 800mm x 910mm
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