NEWWAY Open Burner Gas Cooktops - NWOBD
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  • CE Certified product, IAPMO GasMark Certified product
  • Individual standby pilot with manual ignition
  • Flame failure device on all burners to prevent gas leak, avoid explosion accident
  • High Thermal Efficiency Rated at 8.2kw (28000BTU) per burner, energy saving and more productive
  • Options with leg stand, benchtop and cabinet which adding flexibility and productivity to your kitchen
  • Removable heavy-duty cast iron burners and trivets, easy cleaning and clog free operation
  • Product origin China.

The NEWWAY Western Range Gas Cooktops are about functionality and performance, it is designed to meet every modern kitchen demands. Each burner generates maximum 10KW of output which give the chef more heat to play with and to get the jobs done faster. Available from 300mm to 1200mm, the gas cooktops provide options as a benchtop or freestanding with a large cabinet storage area. Flame failure and individual pilot are equipped throughout each burner.

Technical Info

  • Model No.
  • Description
  • Dimension (W x D x H)
  • NWOB2D
  • Gas 2 Buner Cooktop
  • 300mm x 800mm x 910mm(+230mm)
  • NWOB4D
  • Gas 4 Buner Cooktop
  • 600mm x 800mm x 910mm(+230mm)
  • NWOB6D
  • Gas 6 Buner Cooktop
  • 900mm x 800mm x 910mm(+230mm)
  • NWOB8D
  • Gas 8 Buner Cooktop
  • 1200mm x 800mm x 910mm(+230mm)
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