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  • MULTI.Day
    Combined with MULTI.Day BAGS and MULTI.Day TRAYS, EVEREO® allows you to Preserve cooked food at Service Temperature for up to 72 hours. Cook your dishes as you have always done and, following the advice of our chefs, preserve them in EVEREO®, so you will be able to serve them as soon as they are ordered, with zero waiting time for your customers and a boost for your profits!
  • Superholding
    Preserve your dishes in EVEREO® ready to be served using unsealed or open containers or trays. EVEREO®'s extremely accurate temperature and humidity management allows to keep your food impeccable for up to 4 times longer than traditional holding cabinets.
  • Meal me
    The revolution is now: if you own EVEREO® and MEAL ME you can add from the mealmefood.com e-commerce great products to your menu, without having to cook them. Keep your meals always ready to be served!

EVEREO® is the first ever Hot Fridge; a unique piece of equipment that preserves cooked meals for days at the temperature you will serve them, using a combination of extremely accurate temperature and atmosphere control.


Bacteria, which are responsible for the degradation of food, proliferate at temperatures of between 4°C and 58°C. For this reason, one of the most commonly used methods for preserving food has, up until now, been that of freezing foods at temperatures below 4°C. The food is then regenerated when required.

What happens if food is kept at a temperature exceeding 58°C for a number of days?

To answer this question, UNOX has used its experience together with the Department of Material Physics of the University of Parma. After years of research, an intuition has become scientific certainty: food can be stored for long periods at temperatures exceeding 58°C, without compromising taste and flavour, through the combined and accurate control of temperature, humidity and oxygen that comes in contact with it. This is how EVEREO® came into being, an appliance designed to store food at service and consumption temperature for days. This means food can be cooked, kept hot (within a range of 62°C to 70°C) and served within just a few seconds at any time of day, with zero waiting times for customers. All this combined with microbiological safety, the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of food, and savings in terms of both time and resources.

Technical Info

Model No:
Power supply:
600 mm
Commercial name:
10 460x330
220-240 V 1~
632 mm
Type of control:
50 / 60 Hz
590 mm
28 mm
Electric power:
1.5 Kw
47.5 kg


MULTI.Day Mode
Up to 72 hours: preserving mode
If this mode is used, simply hermetically seal cooked food while it is still hot using a simple vacuum bag or an airtight container.
EVEREO® independently suggests the right settings to be used for the most common foods. This way the natural moisture in the dishes together with their organoleptic qualities are maintained.
Superholding Mode
Up to 8 hours: holding mode
If this mode is used, food can be kept warm and cooked in uncovered containers for up to 8 hours with flawless results. Simply set the temperature and the humidity level that best fits the food to be kept.
Meal me Mode
Up to 1 month
Dishes ready to be served can be ordered directly by smartphone and stored in a modified atmosphere. They are delivered at temperateres below 4°C.
The food purchased must then be kept in EVEREO® for at least 8 hours before serving.
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